Helping prevent another child from being taken to a low speed vehicle accident.

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In Australia three children are hit in driveways per week. In most cases, these children are toddlers and are accidentally reversed over by a family member or friend. Most families come away unscathed, simply with the shock of the accident, other children are taken to hospital with injuries, but for some families, they are faced with the unimaginable fact that their child is gone forever. Outside of the home, many children are also involved in “low speed collisions” (under 10kmph) in car parks or public pathways, which can also result in injury or fatality.

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Aurora’s Story

At 5:00pm on 6th June 2020, the Ellis family of Perth was preparing for a family dinner, when unbeknownst to them, they would become a part of this statistic. Aurora Ellis, at almost two years old, was lost to a reversing accident in the driveway of her own home. The unimaginable tragedy of their daughter’s death sparked the birth of Aurora’s Foundation, and a passion to prevent any other family experiencing the same pain.

Our Mission

Aurora’s Foundation’s vision of ‘a low-speed collision death free Australia’ is bolstered by its three key objectives, which were inspired by the initials of the little girl who galvanised the creation of the foundation.


To increase public awareness and conversation regarding low-speed collisions, their frequency, and the danger they posit.


To create a judgment-free, open-armed community for parents, families and friends who have been affected by a low-speed collision accident.


To educate the public, decision makers and future vehicle drivers of the dangers of low-speed collisions, how to be low-speed collision safe drivers and to create avenues to reduce, and eventually eliminate, low-speed collision deaths and injuries in Australia.

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