How You Can Help

Any donations are warmly welcomed and appreciated, however, below are some suggestions along with their associated benefits.

What We Will Do

Funds raised by Aurora’s Foundation and the Aurora Foundation Ball will be allocated to our collaborative partners Kidsafe WA and Constable Care to begin designing and launching educational platforms regarding low-speed collisions. Funds will also contribute to developing state-wide public campaigns such as the “If you don’t know, don’t go” campaign, inspired by Aurora Ellis, and the first of its kind in Western Australia. Finally, Aurora’s Foundation hopes to help families have the financial opportunity to retro-fit their family cars with reverse cameras and sensors – a project that is also being researched by the Road Safety Commission of WA, for possible deployment by the end of 2021.

Our Sincerest Gratitude

It is the kind donation of individuals and businesses like yourself that will make Aurora’s Foundation’s vision possible.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your help.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to organise a donation or to discuss any questions you may have. 

Lara, Preston, Indiana & Aurora Ellis

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